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Financial reporting, audit and assurance are vital to building trust among stakeholders for businesses on both a local and international scale.

Our team of experts have considerable experience in providing audit, assurance and advisory services across a diverse portfolio of small to midsized enterprises and multinational businesses.

We pride ourselves on being accessible, responsive and always delivering a first class service. That high quality service is backed up by our commitment to professional scepticism, impartiality and ethical standards.

Working closely with our wider team of experts and your other advisors, we guide you through compliance and reporting requirements, allowing you to concentrate on your business growth and plans for the future.

We provide a range of audit, assurance and advisory services including:

  • Statutory Audits
  • Financial Statements Preparation & Review
  • Voluntary & Special Audits
  • Financial Reporting Solutions under local GAAP and IFRS
  • Strategic Business Advisory & Risk Management
  • Close Down & Exit Planning
  • Due Diligence
Some of the services described above are provided by ZEDRA Corporate Reporting Services (UK) Limited, an independent legal entity. This is vital to the provision of a quality and independent audit process. Details of our audit registration can be viewed in our Legal section.
It’s been a pleasure working with the team. They always have a prompt answer and help us get better results. During our audit, it was necessary for them to visit our Barcelona office where they were a great help for us. They’ll be our financial advisors next year for sure!
The team have been truly outstanding to work with – well organized and thoughtful in approach, communication, and guidance. We have felt supported through every step of the audit and financials and feel we have a true advocate and partner in ZEDRA. Very pleased with our outcomes with the firm.
The team have always been a pleasure to deal with. I highly value being able to interact with the same lead each year, as it significantly streamlines the processes since they have an in depth knowledge of our accounts. It’s a credit to ZEDRA for keeping people of this calibre of staff especially in an ever changing economy.
Thank you so much for doing all you could to get us to this tight deadline!! I know the process is never straight forward and its always incredibly frustrating waiting on clients but you’ve been an absolute dream to deal with as always! I just wanted to extend my thanks for making this so straight forward and easy!
Everyone’s technical skills and expertise of the statutory requirements and guidelines are extremely valuable in ensuring we maintain compliance with each individual country. Working with ZEDRA has been very collaborative and a team effort striving towards the same goal. You have been very understanding of the parent’s needs, while still ensuring we are in compliance with the local guidelines.
An audit with ZEDRA CRS is more of a partnership toward a common goal. Their approach is a unified one in which they utilize all their resources and efforts to minimize our workload and maximize end results. They provide clear guidance, offer effective solutions, and truly partner with us in the audit process.
Thank you for your commitment to completing the work in time for the Companies House deadline. I’m absolutely certain that it would not have happened without your great support.
It has been a great pleasure working with your team and members of your firm. Your support and assistance has been invaluable in setting up 360 in the UK.
We’ve found the audit and accounting team to be a great resource for annual compliance. I hold them in the highest regard as a trusted partner in our business development efforts as they continually exceed our expectations as advisors and have been proactive and professional throughout.
As a US company, we have been working with ZEDRA for almost 7 years and during this time they have provided payroll assistance, HR guidance, Tax and Audit services. They are always responsive to questions and provide great guidance to accounting issues and HR requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend them if you need any of their services.

Meet our Audit, Assurance & Advisory Team

Louise Morriss

Managing Director, Global Expansion

Nick Whitehead

Director, Global Expansion

Jan Hendrik Siemssen

Head of Corporate & Global Expansion

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