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Employing Seafarers is both complex and technical.

Any parties employing Seafarers have to ensure that they meet with all the relevant regulations and conventions for engaging staff.

There are serious repercussions for not employing Seafarers properly, but it’s easy to get contracts, administration and payroll wrong, inadvertently. Without the right framework for employment in place, there’s a significant reputational, legal and operational risk – not to mention a big headache to untangle it all.

ZEDRA has a Seafarers’ employment solution set up to provide employment and administration services for the benefit of owners and shore-based managers of ships/yachts. Our solution is fully compliant with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC2006).

The latest software solutions enhancing the service provided to not only the Seafarer’s but to the Owners and Managers.

We continually embrace the latest developments in technology to ensure that we are offering the latest software solutions available in order to enhance the service provided to not only the Seafarer’s but to the Owners and Managers.

Our Seafarers’ employment and payroll services include:

  • Establishment of an incorporated cell to employ crew on board ships/yachts
  • Maintaining accurate books and records for each incorporated cell as well as the preparation of annual financial statements
  • Provision of professional directors who have knowledge and experience in payroll
  • MLC-compliant employment contracts
  • Salary payments made from our offshore online banking platform
  • Provision of payslips and salary information to Seafarers via an easily accessible portal
  • Bespoke software and database specifically designed for Seafarer employment services
  • Electronic signatures for Seafarer Employment Agreements
  • Annual leave tracker
  • Medical certificates and COC data store and reminder system
  • Easily accessible document store for Seafarers
  • Social security compliance