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Our award-winning payroll, HR & employee benefits teams bring the personal touch to employer and employee related compliance.

We know your people are the heartbeat of your organisation and the key to your success.

Whether you are looking for global payroll compliance, payroll support in a single country, assistance with setting up an appropriate employee benefits package or 360-degree HR services, our team is here to help.

We support employers with withholding taxes such as social security and employer related tax deductions, payroll management ensuring your employees are remunerated in a timely manner as well as pre-employment checks, offer letters and contracts, including healthcare plans, retirement plans, vacation accrual, legal employment registrations, travel and entertainment expenses, and PTO tracking.

Our Payroll, HR & Benefits experts will work with you to find a tailored solution that’s right for your company and your employees. We work in partnership with trusted HRIS providers, BreatheHR and BambooHR to help you implement, navigate, manage and centralise your processes.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you navigate employer and employee compliance in new and existing markets.

Our Payroll, HR & Benefits Team

Alexandra Suhas

General Manager

Gurpreet Kaur Singh

Senior HR Manager

Amie Crowther-Bali

Assistant HR Manager, Global Expansion

Nick Slinn

Deputy Managing Director

Bart de Sonnaville

Executive Director

Vadim Neumann

Managing Director

Frank Walenta

Managing Director

John Ashwood

Managing Director

Lisa Tan

Head of Corporate and Client Services

Bartek Bielski

Managing Director

Tomás Alonso

Managing Director

Raphaël de Roubin

Head of Advisory

Carine Jamal-Eddine

Payroll Director

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