Raphaël de Roubin

Head of Advisory

Raphaël leads the legal, HR and payroll teams of ZEDRA Global Expansion Services US with a solid legal background and international business expertise.

He works closely with our clients in many capacities, from creation of their US operations to advising their team on corporate, fiscal, legal and HR issues throughout their US venture.

Raphaël ensures the seamless delivery of our services from onboarding to ongoing operations management.

Raphaël joined ZEDRA Global Expansion Services US (formerly Axelia Partners) in 2010, after furthering his international business education in the US. He started his career as a paralegal for three years in a law firm in Avignon, France.

Raphaël holds a master’s degree in Government and Private Contract Law from the University of Avignon in France, and an MBA in International Business from the University of Michigan.

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