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We know how important it is for you to have clear investment goals and understand your risk appetite before you make investment decisions.

Investment risk profiling and objective setting

We can help you with the establishment of portfolio objectives for fiduciary structures, working with all interested parties to ensure that expected returns and risks are appropriate for the family’s specific circumstances. Where appropriate, independent guidance and advice may also be provided in relation to your personal investments.

Investment Manager selection

ZEDRA offers you guidance and support to achieve an independent and unfettered selection process for the appointment of investment managers and their fiduciary structures.

Through our independent manager selection support, we can undertake due diligence for you on your preferred manager or fund. We can extend our advice to supporting both the appointment of the mandate and its implementation. If requested, we can additionally stand in your stead to secure the best from each investment manager, including in relation to fees.

Our Fiduciary Team

Toby Sturgeon

Global Head of Fiduciary Investment Services