EU Importation

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Tax is rarely straightforward, and VAT in relation to private or commercial yachts and aircraft is no different.

It is very rare that there is a simple answer to VAT-related queries. Our expertise and experience ensures that private or commercial yacht and aircraft ownership structures are compliant whilst in the EU and that their VAT status is protected when outside of EU.

ZEDRA’s dedicated Marine & Aviation team based in the Isle of Man has Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status with HMRC, which enables clients to benefit from fast-tracking of the importation paperwork and procedures, and the avoidance of bank guarantees.

Our EU importation services include:

  • Formal importation into the EU, providing free circulation and full recovery of VAT
  • Formal importation into the EU under commercial exemption
  • Temporary importation into the EU for non-EU residents
  • Formal importation into the EU and payment of VAT for private use