ESG Administration

The focus on ESG reporting is rapidly expanding due to growing stakeholder pressure, stricter regulations, and a heightened sense of responsibility towards people and the planet.

The volume of ESG metrics is vast and varies by industry, company size and complexity. Measurements and reporting frameworks also differ worldwide.

As a reliable partner on your ESG administration journey, we help companies and fund promoters in identifying key ESG metrics to monitor, manage the ESG data collection process, and establish and maintain ESG reports. Our expertise ensures that you are well-equipped to handle the complexities of ESG data collection and reporting requirements, enabling you to make informed, sustainable decisions for your organisation:

For companies

Data collection and reports with respect to the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which introduces mandatory ESG reporting requirements for companies that are headquartered in or conduct business in the EU.

For funds

ESG data collection and management with respect to mandatory frameworks like the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), as well as a range of voluntary frameworks (GRI, SASB, etc.).

AI-powered ESG reporting tools

Collaborating with leading ESG reporting SaaS providers, we provide access to cutting-edge tools and generative AI, enabling the seamless identification, extraction, verification and analysis of ESG metrics. The technology we use allows you to simplify ESG data collection and generate necessary reports, either as standalone documents or integrated into broader management solutions.

By automating the data collection process, we significantly reduce costs and time spent on ESG reporting, allowing you to focus on your strategic objectives.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing automated CSRD or SFDR readiness assessments
  • Helping you collect the data necessary for your ESG reporting needs
  • Designing ESG data management and reporting frameworks tailored to your specific needs and resources
  • Helping you produce comprehensive reports to serve as a centralised source of truth on your ESG position and performance
  • Maintaining best practices in an ever evolving global and local ESG landscape, adapting to the growth of your business

Streamline ESG report sharing

Our comprehensive ESG reports are designed to be easily shared with investors, regulators, colleagues, customers, on your website, and in response to spontaneous information requests.
Our streamlined approach provides you with consistency and time and cost efficiencies.

Why choose ZEDRA?

With the benchmarks of sustainability reporting continually evolving, ZEDRA is ideally positioned to support your business in meeting and exceeding your obligations to gain a competitive edge.

Contact Jan Hendrik Siemssen or Mark Cleary today to get started on your ESG reporting journey.

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