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Independent monitoring and benchmarking service for your different investments

You need to know that your money continues to be invested appropriately; that you are getting the returns you expect; and that your investments continue to reflect your risk appetite. To achieve this assurance, ongoing scrutiny of each investment manager or advisor and the performance of the portfolio is crucial.

Ultimately, you want to know that while you’re focused on day-to-day decision making, the performance of each of your assets and investments is being simultaneously carefully monitored.

ZEDRA’s Fiduciary Investment Team can offer you exactly that peace of mind. Our highly qualified, specialist team provides you with an entirely independent monitoring and benchmarking service for your different investments, objectively reviewing the performance of each asset pool, be it a traditional segregated mandate or consolidated private equity investment.

Our team can monitor each investment mandate, flag up any concerns and identify areas for remedial action.

In doing this, we are sharing the capabilities we use in-house to benchmark the performance of the portfolios held by trusts of which ZEDRA is the trustee. We therefore understand the fiduciary relationship and risks associated with each asset class.

We currently provide these services for more than 500 portfolios representing over £6 billion of assets.  ZEDRA is independent of any investment manager, so will always act in your interest to secure the best returns for you.


Our Fiduciary Team

Toby Sturgeon

Global Head of Fiduciary Investment Services

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