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I’ve been involved with some of our clients for over 10 years and, as they’ve developed their business with us, I’ve developed as well. Getting promoted to associate director in April 2020 was a really proud moment for me personally. I wasn’t expecting it, so it came as quite a shock, but it was so nice to have all that hard work recognised by the board.
Juan Brown
Here at ZEDRA the atmosphere is very supportive which I really love. People are very kind. Whenever anyone is in need of guidance, my colleagues provide really nice professional help and are always very supportive of each other. The way we work as a team is very efficient and nobody is afraid of asking questions.
Astrid Li
When I chose ZEDRA, I saw the motto: ‘Do More. Achieve More’, and that really inspired me. That’s also what I believe in life: a result comes from action, so the more you do, the more you see things happen. When I watch the history of how ZEDRA began in 2016, compared to now, and see how fast they have grown, it makes me proud to be part of an organisation like this, and very happy to be here.
Rosa Micheljump

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We are immensely proud of our diverse “ZEDRANS” and recognise the insights, wisdom and talent they bring to the table.

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