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As a FCA authorised provider of escrow services, we can act as an escrow agent for you.

With so many moving parts, there are any number of complications that can arise before a complex transaction is completed whether it be delays along the transaction pipeline, alterations in strategy or issues flagged during inspections.

From real estate to merger and acquisitions deals, all the way through to joint ventures, or the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies, yachts and aircrafts, setting up an escrow account mitigates the risks.

Escrow For Your UK Property Transactions

ZEDRA can act as an escrow agent for you to support and simplify transactions across a range of industries, regardless of deal value or complexity.

As a FCA authorised provider of escrow services, we can help with timely, cost effective and efficient solutions, reducing risk and offering you peace of mind to you by relieving you of any burdensome administration.

Our services include:

  • Drafting the material contractual terms of the escrow agreement
  • Agreement negotiation with the involved parties and external advisers
  • Quick set-up of bank accounts through our global network (for unlimited amounts)
  • Management of controlled accounts, including the ultimate distribution of funds
  • Escrow services in relation to Marine & Aviation purchases

Sue Wakefield


Laura Tommis

Business & Relationship Manager

Peter Skelly

Head of Trusts

Andrew Wilson

Head of Marine & Aviation
Isle of Man
I’ve worked with ZEDRA on a number of escrow transactions and always had an exceptionally positive experience.
Real Estate Developer
London, UK