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Ensuring the highest level of governance for both regulated and unregulated vehicles.

We offer a comprehensive range of legal secretarial services, both for regulated and unregulated vehicles, in order to ensure the highest level of governance for the benefit of your fund.

  • Provision of registered office(s), domiciliation to funds, GPs and holding companies
  • Bank account opening
  • Maintenance of statutory records and shareholder and/or bondholder registers
  • Preparation of board packs and minutes
  • AGMs and other ad-hoc meetings coordination including drafting the minutes of proceedings
  • Storage of all documents, accounting records, prospectuses and annual reports
  • Provision of directors and compliance officers
  • Conducting due diligence on investees
  • Compliance and sanctions monitoring
  • Monitoring ESG compliance
  • Adherence to regulatory and stock exchange requirements

Our Funds Solutions Team

Wim Ritz

Global Head of Funds

Mark Cleary

Deputy Head of Funds, Channel Islands

Kelvin Sng

Head of Fund Services

Andy Cunningham

Head of Funds, Channel Islands

Maarten Robberts

Managing Director

Archie Irtizaali

Head of Commercial – Funds

Philippa-Lucy Robertson

Executive Director – Legal Counsel

Kelly Mukendi

Managing Director – Funds