Registration & Ownership

The very nature of moveable assets means that both crews and owners face cross-border tax complexities, as well as legal and regulatory challenges, which all need to be navigated by a trusted, experienced and reliable pair of hands.

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There are a vast number of flag states and aircraft registries worldwide, which can make selecting the right flag or nationality for your yacht or aircraft challenging.


In all cases, you should consider factors including prestige, tradition and history, international recognition of high standards and adherence to the Large Yacht Commercial Code -when selecting a flag of registry for a vessel- and ICAO standards- when selecting a registry for an aircraft.

Our yacht and aircraft registration services include:

  • Commercial and pleasure yacht registration in all key jurisdictions
  • Representative Person
  • Liaison with the Classification Society and/or Ship Registry in respect of the tonnage survey
  • Obtaining yacht name approval and reservation
  • Applying for crew endorsements where applicable
  • Aircraft
  • Private and corporate aircraft registration in all key jurisdictions
  • Liaison with the aircraft registry in respect of the aircraft survey and inspection
  • Registration suffix approval and reservation
  • Applying for crew validations where applicable

A fully managed service delivering continuity and stress-free flying / sailing for you and your aircraft or vessel.


ZEDRA provides a fully managed service, crafted to the individual requirements of each ownership structure, delivering continuity and stress-free flying / sailing for you and your aircraft or vessel.

Our yacht and aircraft ownership services include:

  • Establishment of a tailored ownership structure
  • Provision of professional directors with knowledge and experience in yachting and/or aviation
  • Yacht registration with all commonly used registries
  • Aircraft registration with all key aircraft registries
  • Managing the aircraft purchase process and entry to service
  • VAT registration and ongoing compliance
  • Importation into the EU in the most convenient ports for yachts and for free circulation
  • Customs assistance for captains and crew, including ongoing oversight of customs compliance
  • Provision of banking arrangements
  • Yacht and aircraft administration services
  • Bookkeeping and accountancy services
  • Crewing services, including employment and payroll
  • Coordination of fiscal representation in countries of operation
  • Coordination and oversight of insurances