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Strict regulations create steady and controllable growth but trigger a greater administrative burden.

The debt & securitisation market plays an important role in unlocking credit markets and supporting the global economy. More strict regulations create a steady and controllable growth but trigger a greater administration burden.

To make these sophisticated and structured finance transactions happen, you need the multi-jurisdictional and transversal expertise of a solid corporate partner, understanding the regulatory and administrative requirements related to stock and bond markets transactions.

We offer our capital markets services solutions to banks and financial institutions, as well as large and mid-sized corporate arrangers and have significant expertise in:

  • Asset Backed Securitisation (ABS), Residential (RMBS) and Commercial (CMBS) Mortgage-Backed Securitisation
  • Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDO) and Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLO)
  • (Commodity) Trade Finance Transactions, Pre-Payment Facilities
  • Project Finance, (Real Estate, Infrastructure)

Our Funds Solutions Team

Wim Ritz

Global Head of Funds

Mark Cleary

Deputy Head of Funds, Channel Islands

Kelvin Sng

Head of Fund Services

Andy Cunningham

Head of Funds, Channel Islands

Maarten Robberts

Managing Director

Archie Irtizaali

Head of Commercial – Funds

Philippa-Lucy Robertson

Executive Director – Legal Counsel

Kelly Mukendi

Managing Director – Funds

From SPV incorporation to wind up, we have you covered.

Our services include:

  • Incorporation of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the appropriate jurisdiction in line with the applicable laws and regulations
  • Providing management, domiciliation and corporate secretarial services to keep the entity in good legal standing
  • Providing accounting, reporting and cash management services, including preparation of statutory accounts/financial statements and audit coordination
  • Acting as calculation and reporting agent
  • Acting as Trustee preserving the rights of the investors/noteholders
  • Regulatory support, reporting to local regulators, including beneficial ownership and FATCA/CRS registration
  • Winding up the structure.