Maarten Robberts

Managing Director

Maarten is an accomplished Senior Executive and Global Business Leader with more than 27 years of success spanning financial services.

Leveraging extensive experience in strategic and cross-functional leadership, Maarten is a valuable asset for companies requiring expert assistance with international expansion, business acquisitions, or restructuring.

His broad areas of expertise include financial reporting and modeling, corporate finance, hedge funds, organisational structure, internal controls, compliance, and alternative investments.

Throughout his executive career, Maarten has held leadership positions with Atlas Fund Services, SFT Fund Administration, SS&C Fund Services, Amicorp Fund Services, and Citco Fund Services.

He served as the Managing Director of Atlas Fund Services, a fully-licensed and recognised global fund service provider, helping to provide a range of institutional and cost-effective alternative fund solutions to clients.

During his tenure, Maarten contributed significantly to the organisation’s growth from a staff of zero to a team of 35 professionals, and he played a key role in the expansion of Atlas throughout the US and Europe.

He has also been successful in providing critical guidance for complex IT regulations and collaborates extensively with the compliance department to ensure regulatory alignment. Prior to Atlas Fund, Maarten served as the Senior Managing Director of SS&C Fund Services, a subsidiary of SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. that provides fund administration services for hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity funds, and managed account managers throughout the US.

Maarten holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting & Economics from Hoge School in Holland. He holds extensive experience as a Board Member and is multilingual in Dutch, English, French, German, and Papiamentu.

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