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By appointing ZEDRA to provide professional nominee services, you can rely on us to secure your corporate and financial privacy and facilitate anonymity.

ZEDRA provides nominee services for a variety of situations such as listing events.

You will directly benefit from our extensive knowledge and legacy of experience acting on behalf of our clients as trustees or nominees.

Private Company Nominee Service

We work with private companies to provide a nominee service alongside a share warehouse service whereby we act as legal owner on behalf of underlying employee beneficial owners.

We help private companies simplify their shareholder register using our Nominee Service, acting as a single professional shareholder for employees, which also assists with maintaining confidentiality between employee allocations where this may be publicly available on a general register.

Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service

We understand the challenges listed companies face in dealing with increasing regulatory changes to remuneration policies.

In response, we provide a Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service to help listed companies with post-vesting, post-employment holding, clawback or general share ‘lock up’ requirements.

By acting as Nominee, we can maintain a separate register of underlying individual investors. We enter into a Nominee Agreement with the respective employee and this documentation can be adapted to reference a company’s specific share plan details or requirements.

We can work closely with your existing share plan administrator and broker for share releases and dealing.

Employee shareholders whose shares are held by the ZEDRA nominee will:

  • Continue to receive dividend payments
  • Have the option of dividend reinvestment, annual reports
  • Vote at the Company’s general meetings

Institutional Nominee Service

We provide Institutional Nominee Services for a variety of situations. Similar to our Corporate Sponsored Nominee Services, we can act as Nominee on behalf of Institutional Shareholders of a company to facilitate corporate transactions such as listing events.

By appointing us as Institutional Nominee, the various parties in a transaction only have to deal with one single shareholder, streamlining the due diligence collection, document execution and remittance of proceeds on sell down.

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