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Providing expert professional shareholder services for private equity or venture capital-backed companies.

We offer share warehouse and nominee services for senior management and employees, which also includes holding shares on an unallocated or ‘shadow’ basis until a company exit event, whereby the Employee Benefit Trust will deliver cash proceeds, subject to recommendation from the company.

We can offer an online plan administration platform for private companies to maintain a register of beneficial owners, manage any internal trading windows that a company may offer and facilitate share offers. It also greatly simplifies record-keeping and ensures robust governance in anticipation of any sale to a third party or an initial public offering (IPO).

Our proactive and astute management of company lifecycle events such as a majority sale to a third-party buyer or upon IPO is unrivalled. Working closely with a company and its advisers, we have a deep understanding of the process, documents and sensitivities involved in acting in our capacity as Trustee and Nominee.

We believe in providing execution services to meet a transaction deadline at any hour of the day.

Our Share Incentives Team

Elaine Kennedy

Managing Director

Nicola Brown

Client Director, Head of Incentives

Rebecca Avery

Senior Trust Manager, Incentives

Matthew Longson

Senior Trust Manager, Incentives