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ZEDRA offers an innovative approach to investment performance and monitoring.

Monitoring and reporting services

ZEDRA provides you with ongoing oversight and identification of performance and risk variances against our expectations and peers, including guidance on remedial actions where necessary.

Tailored reporting

On an ongoing basis, ZEDRA can provide a single consolidated report on all or some of your assets, showing income received plus updated valuations. These reports are tailored to your family’s own needs, be it in content or frequency. Some family members may prefer to see a quarterly summary but require an in-depth annual examination of all the assets held.

ZEDRA can offer different reporting models to suit each client or specific family groups.

A clear and comprehensive summary of the family wealth, enabling you to make fully informed decisions.

The ‘Asset Book’

The ZEDRA team will undertake an entirely independent review of your assets and prepare a detailed inventory showing all the assets owned by your family, be they financial investments, real estate, interests in private companies, planes, boats, art, jewellery or other valuable assets. This can include a valuation of each asset, indicating where the asset is kept and flagging any issues relating to the ownership and administration of the asset.

This ‘Asset Book’ focuses on your unique requirements and can be prepared in a format and with a level of detail agreed by you. It can be updated on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, depending on the nature of the assets and your preference. Having such a Book prepared can help your family to decide how to manage different parts of your overall wealth.

Our clients find it immensely valuable to have, perhaps for the first time, a clear and comprehensive summary of the family wealth, enabling them to make fully informed decisions.


Our Fiduciary Team

Toby Sturgeon

Global Head of Fiduciary Investment Services
Jersey, Channel Islands

Dave Jenner

Jersey, Channel Islands

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