How we help family-run businesses in Poland

03 November 2020

Poland has a rich tradition of generating successful, family-run businesses. Back in 2014, it was estimated that around three quarters of Polish businesses were owned and run by families.

About half of Poland’s employment is linked to family businesses.

Polish people are proud of their very strong entrepreneurship abilities – many people set up a business to take advantage of the opportunities they see. As a nation, Poland has a fantastic capacity to turn those ventures into successful, long-lasting family companies, which are in many ways, the backbone of our economy.

Families remain hands-on, active owners

Family businesses in Poland can range in size and industry. Whatever the aim of the family firm, however, certain traits remain the same: family members are hands-on and take an active role in running and growing the company. For many, the initial hard work pays off, and the family ends up running businesses with employees. Small companies grow over time and become regional, national and international players in their area of specialty.

Whatever the trajectory and objectives of a business, one challenge remains largely the same: navigating the complexity of the legal, administrational and back-office tasks required to run a corporate entity properly.

Many families also have ambitions to grow or diversify the business – especially second-generation owners. But while the running the business might come naturally, things can be trickier when it comes to handling the legal requirements, which can require specialist expertise and knowledge. As well as keeping the entity in good legal standing, taxes, reporting, accounting and payroll can be a challenge for business owners. Hiring staff to cover these needs can also be expensive, meaning outsourcing is an ideal solution.

How ZEDRA can help

Often, family businesses want our support to ensure their corporate entities are managed properly. We also help clients with accounting, HR and payroll and extensive reporting, which can be complex and time-consuming for anyone that’s not trained specifically in these areas. Most business owners want to focus their efforts on meeting their business goals, and a trusted and experienced partner who can help them take over these tasks is often the key to allowing them to do that.

We take over the administrational burden of the company, leaving families and owners available to focus on running the business.

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