Doing business in the Netherlands

ZEDRA provides a mix of a proven track record in the Netherlands with long-standing expertise and hands-on, personal assistance.

12 May 2021

The Netherlands has never been more popular for companies setting up in Europe.

The lure of political and trade stability in the wake of Brexit aside, other countries have strong connections with the Netherlands. The relationship between China and the Netherlands is exceptionally strong, for example, and as of 2019, the Netherlands was China’s second-largest trading partner in Europe. Japan, too, has close ties with the country.

The country’s very stable political economy, highly educated workforce, extensive double tax treaties and pragmatic culture add to the country’s allure, especially for large and multinational companies. Airbus, IKEA, Mittal, and the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance all chose the Netherlands as their headquarters despite having strong links with other countries and regions.

Setting up operations

Setting up operations in the Netherlands can move quickly and smoothly with the right partner in place to facilitate incorporating the necessary entity and providing support with ongoing management. Typically, this can include varying services related to accounting, regulatory, reporting and tax compliance and access to escrow and capital markets services.

Corporate structures are increasingly complex, and Dutch operations are typically part of more extensive corporate arrangements. Especially for companies that set up operations in the Netherlands, their expertise and focus might well be trade, manufacturing, e-commerce, real estate, and so on. While good corporate governance and managing the Dutch entity correctly are priorities, our clients don’t necessarily have the right team on the ground to understand how to meet with local requirements in the Netherlands themselves. Working with an experienced partner like ZEDRA, therefore, provides both peace of mind and tangible, valued support.

Clients looking for corporate service providers in the Netherlands are increasingly looking to partner with firms that can offer a mix of a proven track record with long-standing expertise and very hands-on, personal assistance. Our clients appreciate that our expertise is borne out of decades of experience. We deliver our services with an exceptionally dedicated, high-level and personal approach, and this sets us apart in the sector.

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