Probate: the benefits of a professional executor

04 February 2023

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time for family and friends. Knowing what steps you need to take in order to administer an estate can feel overwhelming at an already challenging time.

The ZEDRA Probate & Estates Team have lots of experience handling unique circumstances.

The Client

This particular estate highlights the advantages of having an independent professional executor in place. Sadly in this case, the relationship of the estate beneficiaries deteriorated early on in the administration process. Having an impartial professional executor meant the impact on the probate process was reduced.

The Challenge

When contacting the witnesses to the Will to enquire about an alteration to the Will, we discovered that the woman who made the Will was not in the presence of the witnesses when the Will was signed, resulting in an invalid Will.

The Solution

To alleviate the impact on the beneficiaries, ZEDRA contacted them to inform them of the position and provided them with guidance and recommendation on the next steps in the process.

The Relationship Manager then progressed the application for the Grant of Representation based on the law of intestacy as a priority to progress the administration of the estate in a timely manner. 

The Outcome

The Probate Team at ZEDRA focused on supporting the family, providing clear and detailed information on next steps, and continued to mediate between the parties to ensure the best possible outcome for all beneficiaries.

At ZEDRA, we can help you navigate what do to when someone dies, support you as an Executor or assist individual Executors and Administrators as they navigate the process of probate.

We go the extra mile to support families through extremely difficult situations, so they can focus on remembering their loved ones and deal with the more personal matters like organising the funeral.

To find out more about how we can help you or how we’ve helped others like this, contact our specialist Probate & Estates Team.

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