High Risk, High Value Assets & Probate

11 July 2023

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time for family and close friends. Knowing what steps you need to take in order to administer the deceased’s estate can feel overwhelming at an already challenging time.

The Client

We recently dealt with an urgent situation in an estate where there were no family living locally to the deceased’s property which contained a large amount of original and potentially valuable paintings, including signed Lowry prints.

The Challenge

The property was unoccupied following the death, and the challenge was to quickly remove the paintings and secure them safely as they were considered to be high risk items.

The Solution

The property was in a remote part of Wales and this was not an easy task; however we were able to make arrangements for a representative to swiftly make the journey to the property and remove the paintings and get them into safe storage at very short notice.

The Outcome

This had been a concern for the estate beneficiaries as they knew the paintings had a lot of value attached to them, and it was a relief to them knowing that they had been removed and were held securely pending a future sale and, in some cases, transfer to the various members of the family.

At ZEDRA we can help you navigate what do to when someone dies, support you as an Executor or assist individual Executors and Administrators as they navigate the process of probate.

We go the extra mile to support families through extremely difficult situations, so they can focus on remembering their loved ones and deal with the more personal matters like organising the funeral.

To find out more about how we can help you or how we’ve helped others like this, contact our specialist Probate & Estates Team.

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