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The ZEDRA Fiduciary Investment Fund is an innovative investment solution for our fiduciary clients leveraging ZEDRA’s expertise in fund administration, and our in-house team of fiduciary investment specialists.

We have created two Sub-Funds in which ZEDRA clients may buy shares, where the underlying assets are managed by a small number of appropriate asset managers based on the knowledge and experience of ZEDRA Fiduciary Investment Services Limited.

Each asset manager is appointed to meet the objectives of a sub-fund, with each manager having a unique investment style to ensure that the sub-funds benefit from true diversification of management approach. The number of active managers in any one sub-fund will not exceed four.

We have illustrated this below for the Total Return Sub-Fund.

If you are an investor with £30m, you can spread your assets between two or three managers to reduce manager risk, and invariably reduce costs, as you have buying power. However if you have £2m to invest, that is a real challenge, and invariably you select an Asset Manager where you are tied to their investment style, strategy, asset allocation decisions and stock or fund selections.

We are turning the traditional model on its head, by bringing a funded solution to our clients where investors can overcome such issues, coupled with the additional advantages of reducing administration costs for trustees in the appointment of more than one manager.

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Balanced (Total Return) Sub-Fund


Latest Available Price (GBP)

Date: 09 July 2024

Price: 0.7470

AUM: 193,934,132

Historical Prices & Distributions

Balanced (Total Return) Sub-Fund Factsheet

Balanced (Income Bias) Sub-Fund


Latest Available Price (GBP)

Date: 09 July 2024

Price: 1.0977

AUM: 100,280,587

Historical Prices & Distributions

Balanced (Income Bias) Sub-Fund Factsheet

The Benefits

  • True manager diversification, through a blend of manager styles
  • Lower manager costs and overall investment costs
  • Lower fiduciary administration costs in the appointment of managers
  • Strong independent governance and oversight of managers, with no conflicting link to any manager
  • Efficiency to changes managers, minimising transaction costs, and where applicable capital gain tax

Zedra Fiduciary Investment Fund (ZFIF) Limited Prospectus

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Audited Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 30 April 2023

Unaudited Financial Statements

Unaudited Interim Financial Statements for the period from 01 May 2023 to 31 October 2023

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