ZEDRA completes on acquisition of Interconsult

07 November 2017

ZEDRA has now received final regulatory approval and completed the acquisition of Interconsult, Luxembourg International Consulting S.A.

Luxembourg is key in ZEDRA’s growth plan as it will strengthen the global reach for existing and new clients, allowing the business to grow in selected jurisdictions.

“Our acquisition of Interconsult will enable ZEDRA to offer its global client base robust governance and an operating model for maximum security, transparency and efficiency, says Niels Nielsen, ZEDRA CEO.

The acquisition will bring significant advantages to ZEDRA, particularly for its operations in Europe, combining the firms’ infrastructure strengths with the strong track record of Interconsult’s management team.

Interconsult’s Managing Director, Federigo Cannizzaro di Belmontino will remain in his current position after the acquisition and he will continue to be supported by the local staff members as well as his co-directors Jean Marc Debaty (Finance Director) and Frank Walenta (Commercial Director).

Interconsult was established in 1992 and as such one of the oldest corporate service firms in Luxembourg and is located in the centre of Luxembourg City. A founder member of Luxembourg International Management Services Association asbl, Interconsult is an internationally renowned service provider, providing corporate, administrative and fiduciary services to both corporate and private clients.

“Luxembourg has a wide range of financial and finance related products and services which are attractive to all types of business models and undertakings, be they private, corporate or institutional”, says Ivo Hemelraad, who will also sit on the new board of ZEDRA Luxembourg SA. ZEDRA’s office in Luxembourg will allow the firm to work effectively for its clients and proactively accommodate their existing and future needs.

Furthermore, the jurisdiction provides ZEDRA with the framework in which it can securely offer excellence and best practice to its clients. Niels concludes, “We look forward to being able to deliver new growth plans for ZEDRA with our new management team in Luxembourg, which will open up new horizons for the group.”