Case Study: US SaaS Company

24 October 2020

Our successful management of this company’s international VAT affairs has enabled them to concentrate on core activities and grow the business into a household name.

The Company

This San Francisco headquartered fitness software provider came to ZEDRA in 2013 to incorporate their UK entity. They went on to engage the London office for UK corporation tax and VAT registration and compliance, management accounting and reporting, banking and payment management, payroll and HR, employee benefits, audit and statutory accounting services.

Early on, ZEDRA’s Sean O’Sullivan became a key contact for the company, guiding them through what was at that time a newly introduced filing – the EU VAT Mini-One-Stop-Shop (VAT MOSS) filing.

The Business Challenge

In 2015, as VAT MOSS was newly introduced, it was taking some time to get the registration underway. The company mistakenly believed ZEDRA was the cause of the delay in registering for this new scheme and decided to engage another adviser who they believed could expedite the registration.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, as the delay was entirely due to the processing time within the EU; however, upon a visit to their headquarters to discuss various matters in 2016, Sean quickly identified some significant mistakes being made by the new adviser.

The Solution

As a result, the VAT related work was given back to ZEDRA and the team has gone on to lead them through VAT filings in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway and Japan as well as adding payroll compliance in Denmark, Germany and France to the list. The company is now in the process of registering for VAT in four additional countries and is hugely successful worldwide.

The Outcome

The company continues to rely on the team for all of the corporate services provided since they incorporated their first overseas entity with us in 2013. Without Sean’s Electronic Supplied Services VAT knowledge, the company might have incurred some extremely costly mistakes and significant delays entering new markets.

Sean O’Sullivan’s success in managing the company’s international VAT affairs has enabled the management team to concentrate on core activities and grow the business into a household name.

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I vividly remember the way you conducted the meeting with the utmost professionalism and treated me no different than as if I were the CFO of the company. That memory of treating people with kindness and respect no matter the situation has really stuck with me and is something that I think back to often.
US Headquartered SaaS Company

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