Sebastian Cartelle

Account Manager

Sebastian is a professional with an accounting background and extensive experience from several top international tax accounting firms, bringing a wealth of expertise to our team.

Sebastian plays a pivotal role in guiding clients through the complexities of US Tax compliance. His multifaceted responsibilities include providing strategic tax planning, managing financial statements, and offering invaluable assistance in navigating the tax aspects of conducting business in the US.

Sebastian also extends his support to clients in areas such as FATCA classifications, wealth restructuring, and corporate governance. His extensive experience provides clients with unparalleled support in navigating the intricate landscape of international taxation in the United States. Sebastian’s commitment to excellence is evident as he empowers clients with informed decisions and seamless solutions for their financial success.

Sebastian joined ZEDRA from BDO USA in 2023 where he served in the International Tax Department, headquartered in Miami. Before working with BDO, he worked with several top accounting firms specialising in financial accounting, international tax compliance and tax optimisation.

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