Estelle Pellegrin

Head of Operations & CFO

Estelle oversees the delivery of the full range of global expansion business solutions to clients and leads the optimisation effort of systems and procedures.

Estelle is Head of Operations & CFO of ZEDRA Global Expansion Services US (formerly Axelia Partners).

She plays a key role in managing the growth of ZEDRA Global Expansion Services US, ensuring optimum processes and working standards at any time.

Estelle has more than 20 years’ expertise as CFO of French companies owned by European and American groups in the healthcare and the logistics industries. She is well versed in all strategic and operational aspects of finance, reporting and accounting in international business environments.

Prior to joining Axelia Partners in 2015 as Account Manager, Estelle was CFO of Vivisol Healthcare France.

Estelle holds a master’s in accounting and finance, and an undergraduate degree from a French business school.

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