Financial outsourcing in Hong Kong

With us, you can benefit from a timely set-up that doesn’t incur excessive overheads when markets are showing some unpredictability.

15 July 2019

Hong Kong has always been one of the world’s leading financial centres for trade, investment and wealth management, and continues to offer some attractive benefits.

In terms of location, Hong Kong is, of course, located at the gateway to China, Asia’s largest economy and one that’s growing exponentially. Hong Kong’s highly educated, hardworking and multilingual workforce, simple tax regime, and world-class infrastructure are also adding to the allure of the jurisdiction for conducting business operations.

By establishing a presence in Hong Kong and working with a partner like ZEDRA, you can benefit from a timely set-up that doesn’t incur excessive overheads when markets are showing some unpredictability.

Working with the ZEDRA Hong Kong team also adds another layer of support because we’re a trusted partner in what is likely to be a venture into a new jurisdiction. Clients don’t have to grapple with understanding local regulatory requirements, reporting, compliance, payroll or HR administration – we can handle this for them.

International clients particularly can benefit from the sound local knowledge of the team as we help them navigate the complexities of carrying out operations in Hong Kong while picking and choosing which of our services they want to benefit from.

By choosing to outsource their operations, ZEDRA’s clients are potentially able to streamline their obligations, diminishing what may otherwise be the costly set-up and ongoing costs that come when setting up a fully-fledged office. This, in turn, allows our clients to focus on what is most important to them: maintaining a strong strategic oversight of their expansion, potentially improving cash flow management and supply chain efficiency while working with a trusted partner that’s available to guide and support their Hong Kong operations every step of the way.

Cash flow and credit protection are always important concerns for any small or medium sized company, and through ZEDRA’s wide network of banks and financial institutions, we can assist our clients to source and establish trade credit insurance and financing for their business transactions so as to leverage the risk on running their business and improve cash flow for further business expansion.

How ZEDRA can help

ZEDRA provides several services in relation to trade and treasury operations, which includes the establishment of trading companies as well as providing general advice on the set-up of trading operations and processes. In addition, the team offers services which include order processing, logistics management, trade documentation, transaction monitoring, treasury services, payroll services, trade financing advisory services, factory inspection and audit services.

We’re seeing unprecedented interest in Hong Kong as a jurisdiction which is ideally situated as a steppingstone to China and the rest of the south-east Asian region which is experiencing strong economic growth – a trend which is expected to last.

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