Switzerland: a desirable location for trading and corporate entities

09 February 2021

Switzerland is predominately known for its private banks, but it remains a desirable location for trading and corporate entities.

Switzerland can be an especially beneficial location for business owners and UBO’s from the CIS region, especially in the context of Switzerland’s practical business environment.

In addition to its central location in Europe, Switzerland also offers the support and expertise eastern European UBOs want in the form of banks, legal firms and service providers. All our clients, but particularly those from the CIS region, have very exacting needs. They want the very best service and care, and Switzerland certainly delivers.

Why Switzerland for corporate and trading companies?

Perhaps surprisingly, Switzerland is a hub for trading companies and corporate firms. Many multinational companies have bases or headquarters in Switzerland, underlining the country’s attractiveness as a base for corporate entities and trading companies.

Cost can be a consideration when setting up corporate or trading entities in Switzerland, especially compared to other countries like Luxembourg or the Netherlands. Comparing the benefits and expenses of each country is often something UBOs will undertake with their advisors and service providers before deciding where to base their entity.

Switzerland offers exceptional value for money and a very pragmatic business environment. Firms work quickly and efficiently for their clients, and the culture is very much ‘get the job done’. Efficiency is the norm, not an exception.

Why Switzerland for CIS clients?

Switzerland has an entrepreneurial business climate, and cantons and tax authorities are easy to contact and liaise with. This is particularly beneficial for UBO’s from the CIS region who may need to consider tax rulings or who need information or guidance about relocating to Switzerland.

Supplying KYC, AML and other documentation is also crucial to incorporating a corporate entity and setting up a bank account. Service providers like ZEDRA can work with a client’s advisors in Switzerland to do the legwork of planning, submitting documents and liaising with banks, notaries and other parties as part of getting an entity set up.

Tax, legal and governance considerations

Any UBO planning to set up a Swiss entity should liaise with advisors to seek tax advice and ensure they understand the implications of using a Swiss corporate structure.

Because rules and regulations in Switzerland can be very different than in other jurisdictions – including those in the CIS region, it’s also essential to have a service provider who can support anyone with a corporate structure to ensure they are compliant, and the Swiss entity is incorporated and managed correctly.

Working with us, our clients can rest assured that their entity is properly managed. We can explain to our clients what’s required of them and help them with the tasks that come with a corporate entity such as accounting, tax returns, compliance and reporting. Clients can focus on their day-to-day activities, while we handle the more complex aspects of running their entity.

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