Heroes Work Here: Lisa Tan

05 March 2020

In this edition of Heroes Work Here, we meet Lisa Tan, ZEDRA Singapore Executive Director.

Describe your role at ZEDRA.

I head the Corporate Services and Client Services departments in ZEDRA Singapore. As part of my role, I mainly oversee ongoing administration work of both our corporate clients and private clients after they have set up their corporate and trust structures. I also get involved with new clients to oversee the set up or takeover of their corporate and trust structures.

How did you get into your line of work and what drives your passion now?

I would really say that I got into this line of work by chance!

I started my career in a Big 4, specialising in tax compliance and advisory work. I was in the role for over five years and then a new opportunity surfaced. At that time, I felt it would be a good challenge to walk out of the tax frame and broaden my horizons. That’s how I started to learn about the broad spectrum of corporate services and structuring (that involves both tax and corporate administration aspects).

Today, it’s been over ten years since I joined the trust and fiduciary services sector. It’s central to my belief that no two clients or structures are the same! Up to today, I still learn something new every day from clients, advisers and people around me.

What makes ZEDRA different from other trust, corporate and fund service providers?

It is our people that undoubtedly makes us different! Ultimately, we are a people business and our people play an important role in defining who ZEDRA is.

Is there something interesting or unique about your job that always surprises people?

People are often surprised that my job is so multidisciplinary. While the role doesn’t require that I am an expert in all subject matters, I do need to have the ability to look across different disciplines and offer the best solution to the client.

What is your motto?

I won’t quote anything fanciful…for me my motto is quite basic. I have always felt that there is no shortcut to hard work. Knowledge and skills derived by an individual through hard work always stays with the person.

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