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We provide a 360-degree Global Expansion service from set-up to exit, and everything in between.

Rapidly scaling companies seeking to achieve the next level of growth should receive specialized support, knowledge and expertise to navigate their expansion journey effectively.

Recognizing that each company’s expansion is unique, we’re inviting you to a no-obligation discovery call. This call will allow us to guide you through your own personalized Global Expansion Playbook so you know what to consider, when, and how we can assist you.

We understand the multiple critical factors to consider when expanding internationally:

  • How long you can operate in a jurisdiction before you need to incorporate a local entity.
  • Whether you need a local director and what their duties might be.
  • What commercial issues you must be aware of, from trans-jurisdictional implications related to Intellectual Property to Transfer Pricing.
  • And so many other regulatory elements.


We Do More

As an employer, you can also rely on our dedicated international team of Global Mobility, Expatriate Tax, HR, Employee Benefits, Payroll, Pension & Incentive experts, who have extensive experience in the establishment and administration of a wide range of employee-related arrangements, including international assignments, stock options and share plan trusts.

We are dedicated yet flexible in our approach, and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with the people we advise.

You Achieve More

Whether you are a small but fast-growing technology company, a Fortune 500 company, Private Equity house, institutional investor or an entrepreneur, our specialist teams work together on a global scale to help you meet your obligations and solve your operation problems.

Our Global Expansion Team

Jan Hendrik Siemssen

Head of Corporate & Global Expansion

Charlotte Phipps-Hornby

Head of Commercial, Corporate & Global Expansion

Alexandra Suhas

General Manager

Dom D’Costa

Commercial Director
San Francisco

Erik-Jan Schoop

Commercial Director

Tomás Alonso

Managing Director

Global Expansion Services Brochure

Whatever your size or location, our global compliance and planning services allow you to focus on your core business.

As a small US based company with stretched resources – and expanding for the first time – we really needed a ‘one-stop shop’ which could provide us with a broad range of services and the expertise and advice to make our expansion successful. We found exactly that with ZEDRA. They have been great to work with. We feel good knowing that we are working with a trusted partner.
ObjectLabs Corporation