Professional Trustees

Our award-winning team acts as independent Professional Trustees to Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Pension Schemes ranging in size from less than £50 million to over £40 billion.

We work with sponsoring employers in a wide range of industries, from across the UK and overseas. Our approach is to collaborate with our clients, delivering a service that reflects their individual requirements and achieves good outcomes for scheme members and sponsors.

If appointed to your scheme, we will:

    • Assume as much of the governance workload as required
    • Bring extensive expertise and experience to the trustee board
    • Facilitate a positive working relationship between the trustees and the sponsor
    • Constructively engage and challenge the scheme’s advisers
    • Enhance decision making, budgeting, and time management

Defined Benefit Pension Schemes

Our team is highly experienced in defined benefit funding, investment strategy, integrated risk management, and adviser management. We aim to secure the members’ benefits as soon as possible, and at the least cost to the sponsor.

Defined Contribution Pension Schemes

We are leaders in Defined Contribution pensions governance – we work on single-employer Defined Contribution Trusts and with the providers of Defined Contribution Master Trusts. We have a proven track record in driving value of members, meaningful stakeholder engagement, legal compliance, risk mitigation, and delivering appropriate default strategies.

Chair of Trustees

Our team brings a breadth of pensions experience, depth of technical knowledge, and the soft skills required to perform this role at a high level. We will provide energy, vision, and leadership and help to get the most out of the trustee board.

Professional Corporate Sole Trustee (PCST)

We have extensive experience of sole trusteeship and our team has been involved in many smooth transitions from traditional trustee boards to the sole trustee model.

The ZEDRA PCST service is based on many years’ experience and has been carefully designed to ensure that we deliver robust governance combined with efficiency and effective communication with both sponsoring employers and scheme members.


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