Lasting Power of Attorney Assistance

16 January 2023

At ZEDRA we can help you navigate what do to when someone dies, support you as an Executor or assist individual Executors and Administrators as they navigate the process of Probate.

The Client

After losing her husband, and with her family living overseas, our client was concerned about how she would manage if she became unable to deal with her own affairs.

The client got in touch with ZEDRA following her husband’s passing as ZEDRA was appointed as Executor in her husband’s Will.

We explained the benefits of a Lasting Power of Attorney and the administration process.

Following a positive experience with us guiding her through the probate process, the client appointed ZEDRA as her Attorney for Property & Financial Affairs in 2017, and the Lasting Power of Attorney was registered with the Office of Public Guardian for immediate use.

We were in regular contact with the client to ensure that the Lasting Power of Attorney remained up to date.

The Challenge

Sadly, when the pandemic hit in 2020 and the UK went into lockdown, our client’s mental health went into decline. The effects of being isolated caused her to suffer a mental breakdown and she was admitted to hospital, and then to a specialist nursing home.

The Solution

As her appointed Attorney, we were able to act in her best interests without delay.

Firstly, the Lasting Power of Attorney was regretted against all of her financial assets including her bank accounts so that we could access her funds and ensure that all regular payments would continue to be made, and any care home bills and treatment costs could be settled.

The client owned her own property and as her Attorney, we had a duty to protect this asset, ensuring the property was secure. We notified the home insurance company and put a mail redirection in place so that all post would be received by us and ensured that anything that required action would be dealt with.

We updated the client every step of the way to alleviate her worries whilst she was unable to be at home.

Regular updates were also provided to her family overseas. When they were able to fly over and visit, we ensured that a representative met them at the property and spent the day helping to sort through her personal possessions so that she felt more at home in the care home.

The Outcome

We continue to work alongside the family and have regular calls with them to ensure they are kept updated with any decisions that are made, and that those decisions are aligned with their expectations. This has provided great peace of mind for the family as they are not able to visit regularly.

To find out more about how we can help you or how we’ve helped others like you, contact our specialist Lasting Powers of Attorney team.

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