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15 January 2020

Creating a Pension Regulator compliant Business Plan

An existing client asked us to review their business plan to ensure that it was both:

  • Compliant with the Pensions Regulator’s expectations;
  • Presented and maintained in a user-friendly format.

The process

We undertook the following steps:

  • Asked each trustee director to list their top five strategic priorities over a two-year time horizon;
  • Ran a one-hour workshop as part of the main board agenda to determine the Board’s overall priorities;
  • Listed the actions required to achieve the desired objectives and agreed these with the Trustee;
  • Actions were grouped together under appropriate sub headings;
  • Activities were mapped out over a two-year period, divided by quarterly meeting dates;
  • The new user-friendly business plan was added to all quarterly meetings to ensure all scheduled items were discussed, actioned and reviewed.

The result

In its new format, the Trustees found the business plan pivotal to meeting planning and execution. It also ensured that the Trustee had full oversight of its key aims over a two-year time horizon.

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