who do you turn to when complexity is the rule, not the exception?

In a Modern Maze of complex regulations and requirements, our clients are presented with unexpected opportunities and challenges in equal measure.

We deliver sophisticated Corporate Services, Global Expansion, Incentive & Pensions, Escrow, Active Wealth, and Fund Solutions with agility, speed and precision.

At home in the heart of complexity, we work behind the scenes, delivering the solutions that help our clients seamlessly navigate the modern maze of rules, regulations and requirements.

And when a client’s circumstances or objectives evolve over time? We remain steadfast. We spot and solve problems before anyone else in the industry. Valued for our entrepreneurial outlook and an ability to see the bigger picture, our clients trust us to guide them through the maze, so moving forward is always smooth sailing.

Always doing more so that our clients can.

ZEDRA is a thriving global business servicing wealthy families, entrepreneurs, companies, and funds – delivering agile solutions that generate efficiencies, sustainability  and improve operations.

For over a century, ZEDRA has been an essential partner to clients, offering solutions based on our global experience to achieve their structuring, management, expansion and administrative goals.

We help our clients achieve more by allowing them to focus on what they do best, by delivering best-in-class services with three key principles always in mind.

  1. We listen: Personable, accessible advice is key to our offering. We don’t believe in off the shelf solutions, rather we actively listen to clients to understand their challenges, proving they can confide in us and providing the flexible support.
  2. We understand: We advise from a position of authority, as a business with a deep understanding of our clients and first-hand experience of their challenges. We offer practical advice based on experience rather than theory – we know the pain points having been through them ourselves.
  3. We do: No two clients are the same. Our services are based around your specific needs and our scalable solutions are tailored to your unique demands at every step on your journey. We are extremely resourceful and go above and beyond the call of duty.

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