Louisa Harrold

Head of Trust Essentials, ZEDRA Governance

Louisa is an accredited professional pension trustee and qualified actuary.

Louisa works with a range of DB, DC and Master Trust pension schemes in a variety of capacities, including chair of trustees, co-trustee and as sole trustee.

Her previous positions include 16 years spent with Mercer, undertaking various roles including appointments as scheme actuary, pensions consulting for both DB and DC scheme trustees, as well as working closely with corporates. Following this, Louisa then spent three years as the Pension Operations Manager at a large UK employer, overseeing a multi-billion pound DB and DC pension scheme, a number of other contract-based arrangements, and participation in local government schemes, the Railways Pension Scheme, among others.

Louisa’s interests and experience within pensions is wide, with notable projects undertaken for both DC schemes (such as transfer to Master Trust) and DB schemes (such as buy ins). Her wealth of experience in scheme investments, starting with a role while at Mercer, acting as Chief Operating Officer to the investment sub-committee for a large multi-billion pound scheme, combined with her actuarial background, means that Louisa brings considerable technical knowledge of DB funding and investment strategies (both DB and DC).

Louisa’s style is collaborative and pragmatic, building strong working relationships quickly with all stakeholders. Her in-house experience brings a well-rounded perspective to scheme strategy and funding discussions, as well as insight into the ongoing maintenance work that goes on behind the scenes.

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