ZEDRA launches corporate management services in the US

30 April 2020

Earlier this year, we launched our corporate management services in the US.

While ZEDRA has had an office in Miami for a number of years, moving towards active client servicing from the US underlines our ongoing commitment to providing the scope of services required to best serve our clients.

While US corporate entities are used for similar reasons as in other countries, unfamiliarity with local rules, regulations and requirements, can mean setting up US structures is daunting. Working with established and knowledgeable service providers is therefore key.

‘We are delighted to be able to offer corporate management services for US entities and some non-US structures,’ says ZEDRA Miami Managing Director, Tomas Alonso. ‘Many of our clients are US residents’ or they have interests in the US, and naturally wish to use local entities. Whatever the reason for having a US vehicle, our clients want to work with a trusted partner, especially in the context of understanding local requirements and keeping the entity in good legal standing from a US and global context. ZEDRA is ideally placed to provide expert corporate management services. By offering these services, we look forward to supporting our clients better in the US,’ adds Tomas.

Directors/Managers– US entities

ZEDRA provide directorship services for US Domestic Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. In the case of LLC’s, the ZEDRA entity can act as a manager, and for Corporations (which generally only allow individuals to act as directors), our local team of experts is qualified to take the position(s).

Directors/Managers – Non-US entities

In certain cases, we may also be able to act as a manager or corporate director(s) in non-US entities: ZEDRA could act as a General Partner/Manager for non-US partnerships. Likewise, we can act as a US corporate director in foreign entities, including International Business Company’s or foreign limited liability companies in various forms if local legislation allows. For any non-US entity, we work on a case-by-case basis to understand what is required and how we can offer the relevant services.

‘Check-the-box’ option for US Limited Liability Companies

While US Corporations may be preferred to other type of entities in the US, legislation only allows individuals to take directorships.

Many clients prefer to use a seasoned corporate director who has a better understanding of local requirements and regulations. It is possible to set up an LLC and check-the-box to be treated as a Corporation or Partnership for Federal Income Tax purposes. Entities must ‘check-the-box’ to be able to benefit from the rules.

For more information, please contact ZEDRA Miami Managing Director, Tomas.