If you’re thinking of expanding your business into Europe, the UK - and more specifically London - is likely to rank highly on your list.Over 8,500 US headquartered businesses now call Europe’s fastest growing digital cluster home. Read our London Calling Report below to find out why.

By Kiki Stannard

While the EU transition and recovery from the pandemic may cause uncertainty and concern, there remains an exciting opportunity for international businesses to expand into London. As we look towards recovery, now is a great time to start your expansion journey. Our London Calling Report 2021 highlights some of the key reasons to choose London.

Welcoming environment for entrepreneurs

With COVID-19 accelerating a transformation of the global economy and making some of Silicon Valley’s already dominant companies astronomically stronger and larger, the pace of growth for tech companies has not slowed. There exists in London an exciting opportunity for US businesses to expand in a fairly familiar setting. London is well known for its welcoming environment and ease with which entrepreneurs can do business.

Fast growing, forward thinking talent and digital infrastructure

With a thriving start-up scene and 50,000 plus digital tech employees and Europe’s largest pool of skilled employees, you will struggle to find a better location outside of Silicon Valley for digital.

World leading financial centre

London continues to wear its crown as the world’s leading financial centre. Financial institutions and banks from most countries have offices in and around London. The financial infrastructure and facilities are geared towards business providing relatively swift support and capital.

Gateway to the rest of the world

London’s excellent transport links to Europe and Asia open the doors to further expansion opportunities for companies in all sectors – and the export and import opportunities should not be overlooked for those in the relevant industries such as ecommerce.

You can read our full report on why London remains an ideal choice for international businesses here.

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