Share Plans – the New Frontier

10 April 2018

We all know Hong Kong as a leading global financial centre and a gateway to Asia’s largest economy, China.

As a hotbed of public listing activity, China had led the world in IPO market share since 2014. Combined with the tech sector in China growing at an extraordinary rate and keen to take advantage of tech investors, the opportunities for service providers based in Hong Kong to help companies achieve their aims has never been more pertinent.

The ZEDRA Employer Solutions team based in Guernsey have been working with the Hong Kong team to focus on the trust and share plan needs of such companies. As the Chinese IPO market gathers pace so do the pressures on companies focusing on how to attract and retain key employees – this is particularly the case for tech companies where competition for talent is key to their success.

Over recent years and together with some legislation changes, it is increasingly common for Chinese companies to implement “pre IPO” share plan arrangement particularly focusing on senior executives and employees. The demand for service providers to facilitate such arrangements based in Hong Kong has steadily increased – the Channel Islands has long been a centre of excellence for the provision of employee share trust and administration and the ZEDRA Employer Solutions team is one of the leading providers of such services. We offer expert employee benefit trust know how and a sophisticated share plan administration platform that is ideally placed to service the demand being channelled into Hong Kong. By working closely with the Hong Kong team, Employer Solutions is looking to win employee benefit trust and share plan mandates and establish themselves as a leader in the Employer Solutions market in Hong Kong.

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