Facilitating tailored corporate services

03 June 2020

As businesses in the corporate services industry have grown, so have the clients that they facilitate.

Increasingly that means a more standardised approach to offering services.

While that can be a benefit for some clients, for smaller players and those that need tailored services, a uniform offering isn’t always desired.  Many prospects are in search nowadays of punctual specific services with delivery “on demand”.

Onboarding efficiency

In the corporate world, speed is crucial. Working with a service provider who can onboard both efficiently and effectively is as in demand as the provision of services themselves.

Our clients are often looking to engage a service provider for very specific assistance. We have made it central to our client experience to facilitate clients who either need or want to pick and choose what support they need from us. We don’t request that they buy into larger packages of ‘standard’ services that they may not need, and which can add significant time to the onboarding process.

Tailored services vs standardised packages

For larger groups, corporations or companies that need straightforward assistance, standardised corporate services packages can work well, and they remain popular both from the perspective of cost and efficiency. However, not all corporate clients slot neatly into this ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Many clients don’t require big packages with a full array of services. Increasingly, we’re seeing prospects asking if we will support them with a few key services instead of a package as they might have been offered elsewhere, and we’re always ready to support them and to act as extended workbench of theirs fitting seamlessly into their workflows.

Prioritising flexibility

Just because a client has chosen specific services, it doesn’t mean these are set in stone. Clients often have ad hoc needs, or their situation changes and their demand for services evolves. We’re always happy to facilitate this and include more services whenever the client is ready for them or even if they need our support on a case by case basis.

If we can’t deliver ourselves that specific service, then accordingly we openly advise the prospect / client and endeavour to find through our network of professionals the suitable solution for the prospect. In the end, bringing our prospect or client together with other specialists is, as I firmly believe, also adding value to the relationship and taking care of the individual.


Aside from the actual provision of services, a service provider’s efficiency and effectiveness are also central to clients’ needs. Great service and a strong professional relationship matter to clients. Equally, they don’t seal the deal alone. Increasingly our clients want to be able to pick and choose the defined services that they need, delivered by a service provider that is dedicated to working under tight deadlines and who can deliver efficiency and speed, without compromising the quality of work.

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