Modern Slavery

ZEDRA’s position on modern slavery and human trafficking

At ZEDRA we are passionate about providing a first-class service and pushing boundaries to unlock opportunities – these are some of our most deep-rooted commitments to our clients. This said, we do not believe that these principles should be achieved at any cost: we are also proud to be a firm which upholds fundamental human values that we believe should be accessible to all.

We pledge to behave in a fair, ethical and moral way to our clients, our staff and the global community which we touch as part of our business operations.
It is as part of these values, we are committed to remaining diligent about mitigating the risk of inadvertently participating in modern slavery or human trafficking in all areas of our business or via ZEDRA suppliers.

We undertake this pledge both as part of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Modern Slavery Act), but also because we believe we have a responsibility to recognize how we do business, or who we do business with, can potentially affect others less fortunate or more vulnerable than ourselves. As a firm, ZEDRA undertakes this commitment wholeheartedly.

Our suppliers

ZEDRA engages several companies from multiple countries who supply us with both products and services. In line with our commitment to abolishing modern slavery, it is important that our suppliers share our commitment to these fundamental values. For this reason, ZEDRA has undertaken only to work with respectable and well established suppliers, who to the very best of our knowledge, operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


ZEDRA only accepts new business from clients who have passed stringent assessments and who fall in line with the stipulations laid out in our Terms and Conditions, relevant Anti-Money Laundering regulations and our internal Compliance and Risk policies. We operate each client acceptance on a case by case basis and we require appropriate documents in line with the local regulatory bodies to support these acceptances of clients.


ZEDRA actively encourages transparency and speaking up in instances in which ZEDRA’s values are not being applied – either internally, with clients or suppliers. Our employees are encouraged that they are always able to discuss concerns with their direct management, a member(s) of the executive committees or the Human Resources department if they feel that any concerns should be raised. Likewise, if external parties have concerns, they are welcome to reach out to a member of the executive team, to discuss further.


Finally, ZEDRA undertakes to be vigilant with regards to modern day slavery and we remain committed to improving our practices further in this area in line with ethical considerations progressing over time or if needed otherwise.