Property & Construction Consultants

We provided the full range of services and operational support they needed, to help make their business a growing and marketable concern.

The Company

The company grew significantly in the 7 years that it was in operation, from a team of 5 to over 50 employees and an annual turnover in excess of £9million.

We worked with the company from the outset, providing them with the full range of financial and legal services and operational support they needed, to help make their business a growing and marketable concern.

The Business Challenge

The four entrepreneurial directors of the company recognised from inception that, whilst they were skilled and experienced in property consultancy, they did not necessarily have all of the operational experience to start up a business from scratch.

They needed a team of advisors who would take an ongoing interest in their business and share their passion for making it successful – wherever that might take them.

the company chose us as their partners in getting the business off the ground due to their intelligent, scalable and flexible approach to working with their clients; an approach that would adjust to meet the needs of the business as it grew.

Our position as a “one stop shop” of services; from accounting support to remuneration advice and HR, gave the company the reassurance they needed that we would take care of every aspect of their business operations.

The Solution

We have helped the company at every stage of their business development. They started by incorporating the business in 2000 and have advised upon and implemented their financial reporting and compliance from day one.

Our team consistently managed all of the company’s finance needs, covering payroll, statutory financial statements, audit, corporate tax, remuneration strategy and EMI share scheme. We also provided VAT and Tax advice and ensured compliance to key deadlines.

The company’s success has been substantial and in 2007, when a listed US corporation made them an offer for the company, we worked collaboratively with the directors to negotiate and manage the sale.

As the company was bought by a listed company, the due diligence involved was lengthy, voluminous and at times complex. Our experienced and flexible team were able to manage this seamlessly throughout the process, guiding the company through their obligations and ensuring that they kept on track.

The company’s directors were required to join the new company for a prescribed period and we stepped in to assist them with certain ongoing financial reporting and the financial aspects of the Earn-out process.


We have worked closely with the company at every stage of their business development, demonstrating that planning for the future is crucial in managing your business day to day.

With our assistance, the company was able to take their business as far as they wanted it to go, achieving their business goals and managing the operational side of rapid and significant growth efficiently and effectively.

Whatever the company’s entrepreneurial founders decide to do in the future, ZEDRA will be their first port of call.

If you are a company director, founder or executive and would like to know more about how we can help, please contact us.