Malta Residence and Citizenship

02 March 2020

Malta offers the opportunity of residency to both EU, EEA and Swiss nationals as well as third country nationals under various attractive Residency Programmes.

It also provides the possibility of acquiring Maltese citizenship through the Individual Investor Programme which grants Maltese citizenship to successful applicants through a neutralisation certificate.

The Residency Programmes under Maltese Laws and Regulations are namely; the Residence Programme and the Malta Retirement Programme, catered for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals and the Global Residence Programme and the Malta Residence and Visa Programme specifically tailored for third country nationals. Provided certain criteria are satisfied, an individual may also apply for an ordinary residence permit or a permanent residence permit. Being a Malta resident entails various benefit including advantageous tax planning.

In 2014, the Maltese Government launched the Individual Investor Programme designed for individuals wishing to obtain Maltese Citizenship. Being a full member of the European Union, Malta offers full access to the EU internal market which guarantees free movement of goods, services, capital and persons. Also a signatory of the Schengen Agreement, Malta gives the opportunity to its citizens to travel freely within the designated Schengen area. While also being party to various treaties, Malta effectively grants access to Maltese citizens to over 160 countries without the requirement of obtaining a visa.

Our Services

At ZEDRA, our Active Wealth services provide bespoke solutions to the high net worth individuals and their families by tailoring our approach to their specific needs. Our goal is the protection and maximisation of our clients’ personal wealth whilst provide them with a lifestyle of their choice.

Our Services:

  • Taking up residence in Malta under one of the different programmes currently in place;
  • Applying to become citizens of Malta under the Individual Investor Programme (IIP)
  • Obtaining a work permit in Malta;
  • Assisting with the developing business in Malta;
  • Any other bespoke service that you or your family might require prior, during and after your visit to Malta.

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