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Global Head of Marketing and Communications

Yolanda Bornand

Yolanda has worked in the trust and corporate services industry for nearly 15 years in a number of high-level roles in Marketing and Communications, reporting directly to the Board.

After graduating with an International Affairs and Trade Master’s degree, Yolanda worked for two of the largest trust, corporate and fund service providers. She joined ZEDRA at its inception in 2016.

Yolanda has extensive operational understanding, as well as a strategic and practical approach to the role marketing plays in supporting growth.

Today, Yolanda is ZEDRA’s Group Head of Marketing and Communications. Yolanda leads her team to support ZEDRA through marketing, including digital and content strategies, events and promotion of the firm’s service offerings. Yolanda is responsible for establishing ZEDRA as a recognised and trusted brand in the financial services industry.

Yolanda oversees a range of projects including branding and sponsorship opportunities, employer branding and CSR initiatives. Fluent in English, French and Spanish, Yolanda also holds Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digital Public Relations from the University of Geneva.