ZEDRA London Client Account Bank Charges

The following bank charges will be levied on payments made from your ZEDRA Client Bank Account:

Payment TypeZEDRA London TariffStandard Tariff for reference
CHAPs Sterling (UK same day)£16£16
Faster Payment Sterling (UK same day)£0.50£5
International Payments*£5£15
SEPA Payments**£2£5

*A correspondent bank fee is also payable for international payments made outside the EEA, when accepting to incur all bank charges associated with the payment to ensure the beneficiary does not receive a lesser amount than intended-

Zone 1: £12 – USA, Canada, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man (non EEA).

Zone 2: £20 – rest of the world (excluding EEA).

**SEPA means the Single Euro Payments Area. Payment to a SEPA country means any of the countries or territories listed on the European Payment Council’s website as being part of SEPA https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/document-library/other/epc-list-sepa-scheme-countries.

Charges are made by Lloyds Bank Plc and will be debited directly from your ZEDRA Client Bank Account.

Detailed terms and conditions associated with the operation of client bank accounts with Lloyds Bank Plc can be found at the following link: http://www.lloydsbank.com/assets-business-banking/pdfs/M62567.pdf and in your ZEDRA Letter of Engagement.

If you have any queries or would prefer to receive the above bank charges in hard copy format, please contact your usual ZEDRA team or email londonbanksetup@zedra.com.

Updated December 2022