The Company

This company ranks #1 in Europe on digital local communication. Through the group’s major brands and its partnerships with global internet players, the group manages the local online presence and communication of 490,000 businesses. The group also creates rich digital business content for customers that is in tune with the targeted consumers.

The Business Challenge

As early as 1896, France saw the creation of Office d’Annonces (ODA), which sold advertising space in the written press on behalf of an advertising agency. ODA underwent many changes before 2013 and wanted to centralise the HR aspects of the group’s workforce. The HR & Finance Manager worked with us on the harmonisation of HR policies between divisions within the UK entity. We also helped the group adapt its French benefits programme to an attractive and tax efficient programme in the UK. With no prior experience of doing business in the UK, they needed advisors who would help them navigate the differences between the UK and France.

“We found the ideal partner in so many respects. From company set-up, corporate tax and VAT registration to the full suite of HR and payroll services, they have been a fantastic resource and trusted advisor.” HR & Finance Manager

The Solution

Since setting up the group’s UK office in January 2014, we have been providing an integrated combination of strategic advice, financial reporting, tax compliance, payroll and HR to ensure their UK back office operations run smoothly.

Our HR team acts as a central point of contact to ensure the group remains compliant with UK legislation. Our HR team provides a full HR service including advice and best practice guidance, employment contracts and employment related policies. Our personal tax team also handles their employees’ individual tax affairs on the group’s behalf.

This client was unable to find an ‘off the shelf’ payroll reporting format that worked for them, so our payroll team designed a specific monthly report tailored to their needs.


Today, the group continues to rely on us for many areas of support, handled by a dedicated team of advisors. The group has a large and growing customer base and its UK employees benefit from the HR and personal tax services we provide. The payroll team continues to provide a tailored reporting service, and the tax team has assisted with a large French tax reclaim.

If you are a Founder, CEO, HR or Finance Director of a French company operating in the digital services space and want to expand into the UK, please contact us to find out how we can help.