We provide a fully flexible Share Plan Trust / Employee Benefit Trust service that meets the requirements of listed and private companies.

We have a long history of providing Share Plan Trustee services to accommodate individual company share plan needs, and believe using an independent and professional trustee enhances the delivery and governance of your share plan.

We can provide this service offshore and onshore as required and facilitate multi-jurisdictional Share Plan Trusts through our international network and offices, overseen by our team of experts.

Listed companies

We help listed companies to service their share plans using an Employee Share Ownership Trust by acting as a share warehouse or ‘share store’ where companies are unable to use newly issued or treasury shares to satisfy their share plans, such as for any executive long term incentive plan arrangements or where share liquidity is an issue.

Typically companies will fund the Employee Share Ownership Trust through a loan and the trustee will make market purchases of shares but we can also facilitate receiving newly issued shares. Additionally, we can assist with recycling or buying shares that may be sold in the market at a share release event.

We will work with you and any appointed share plan administrator to deliver the shares the Employee Share Ownership Trust holds to satisfy company share plans on vesting or exercise events.

We have established relationships with a variety of company share plan service providers including share plan administrators, brokers, custodians and registrars to deliver a truly independent and professional Share Plan Trust / Employee Benefit Trust service.

Private companies including private equity portfolio companies

We work with private companies to provide a share warehouse service often alongside a nominee service whereby we act as legal owner on behalf of underlying employee beneficial owners.

We help private companies simplify their shareholder register using our Nominee Service, acting as a single professional shareholder for employees which also assists with maintaining confidentiality between employee allocations where this may be publicly available on a general register.

A Share Plan Trust / Employee Benefit Trust facilitates purchasing shares back from departing employees and can facilitate acting as an internal market for any share sale windows the company may wish to offer employees.


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