Employee Benefit & Share Ownership Trusts for Companies

With strong legal and tax compliance knowledge, the ZEDRA team works closely with tax, advisory and legal firms to ensure your bespoke EBT and plan administration needs are implemented, administered and run in accordance with the advice provided.

ZEDRA provides a fully flexible EBT service that meets a number of requirements for company incentive plans, including:

  • EBTs for share warehousing and hedging arrangements for listed company incentive and deferral plan arrangements
  • Acting as nominee, warehouse and facilitating internal market arrangements for private companies
  • When acting as nominee for underlying employee beneficial owners, providing seamless execution on a company lifecycle event such as sale to a third party or an IPO (e.g. Pre IPO Chinese company arrangements)
  • Allows a greater number of employees to hold a beneficial interest in shares where there is a statutory limitation on the numbers of shareholders for a private company (e.g. such as in Singapore)
  • Facilitation of joint/co-ownership arrangements and succession planning for private companies
  • Provision of carry and co-investment warehousing and nominee services for private equity houses
  • Provision of full administration services for private company incentive arrangements through our ZEDRA plan administration platform
  • Provision of institutional nominee services as part of a company listing event

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