Fiduciary Fund Investment

Classically, investment solutions have been wedded to a single manager’s philosophy and style. Manager diversification could be secured by appointing additional managers but this is expensive, time consuming and adds unwelcome complexity.

ZEDRA has come out with an innovative, cost effective and diversified investment solution (‘The Fund’) which is independently controlled and designed around the requirements of fiduciary investors.

What is the fund?

The Fund is a collective investment fund that has:

  • Sub-funds designed to meet the requirements of medium risk fiduciary investors
  • At least three leading investment managers appointed to each sub-fund
  • A target total expense ratio of less than 1% per annum
  • A majority board of independent directors with substantial investment and governance experience
  • A minimum investment of £250,000
  • An experienced and regulated investment business monitoring the investment managers
  • An expected long term exposure to equities (60%) and asset diversifiers (40%)


The Fund is overseen by a majority of independent board members and maintains full independence by ensuring that the:

  • Board is not conflicted by providing underlying investment management services
  • Appointment of independent investment managers includes analysis of their people, processes, pricing and performance
  • Fund assets are held by an independent custodian
  • Appointment of ZEDRA Fiduciary Investment Services independently provides manager recommendations and monitors their ongoing performance


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