Marine & Aviation

ZEDRA has the expertise and the experience to support all our clients marine and aviation needs. Our specialist team will manage in a seamless and efficient manner all the necessary requirements associated with yacht and aircraft ownership whilst ensuring this meets with full legal and regulatory compliance.

ZEDRA can provide bespoke corporate ownership solutions that are tax and VAT efficient.

If you are a private owner, a family office, corporate owner or advisor ZEDRA can help you cut through the complexities for this type of asset class.


ZEDRA Isle of Man has Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.

Our services include:

  • Set up and ongoing management of bespoke corporate ownership solutions; providing the right type of entity to own your asset and a qualified team to manage the entity, from start to finish
  • Yacht and aircraft registration and ongoing registration support
  • VAT registration and ongoing VAT compliance (if required)
  • Guidance on customs compliance and formalities for your yacht or aircraft when arriving and departing the EU and other non EU countries
  • Maintaining accurate books and records for your entity, preparation of annual financial statements and arranging independent audit (if required), transparent management accounting and VAT reporting
  • Assistance with budget and operational costs
  • Help with financing your asset and mortgage registration

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