Fiduciary Investment Services

ZEDRA is unique in that it has recognised the need for true investment professionals to be involved in the protection of assets held in a fiduciary relationship and has accordingly established the Fiduciary Investment Services (“FIS”) team as a dedicated resource to both its staff and its clients. The FIS team consists of qualified investment experts with substantial investment experience and know-how. Zedra Fiduciary Investment Services is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Our services include:

Wealth Consultancy

  • Investment risk profiling and objective setting services: we provide assistance on the establishment of portfolio objectives for fiduciary structures working with all interested parties to ensure they are appropriate for your family’s personal circumstances.
  • Manager selection services: support to achieve an independent and unfettered selection process for the appointment of investment managers and advisors for our clients and their fiduciary structures


Family Office

  • Monitoring and reporting services: oversight and identification of any need for remedial action. Reporting focuses on personal requirements and can include broader assets such as property and private company shares
  • Manager due diligence and appointment services: we can apply our independent manager selection process to any manager and assist with reviewing and completion of the proposed mandate


Cash management services

  • We provide access to deposit services of reputable financial institutions, and assist with the placement of funds on notice or fixed deposit at attractive rates. We monitor rates, counterparties and provide regular reporting, subject to the nature of the underlying accounts


Benefits to Trustees and Clients

  • Qualified investment professionals acting as a fiduciary
  • Access to managers at a lower cost than published scales
  • Unconstrained service offering bespoke solutions for complex structures
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Independent reporting tailored to client needs
  • Holistic ‘family office’ solutions
  • Transparent pricing model


Fiduciary Investment Services Product Sheet